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Our Mission

Our mission is to reach, serve, and give hope to those in need of student loan debt assistance. With our student debt management and education services we will help improve your financial health and wellness.

Our Approach

We understand the burden of student loan debt and believe in a unique, individualized, and high quality consulting experience for each and every client. Our holistic approach will allow you to make informed decisions about student loan repayment options. 

Why Hope Student Alliance?

Our counselors are certified by the Financial Counseling Association  of America (FCAA) and have personal experience with student loan debt. Hope Student Alliance is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is solely focused on Student Loan Debt Management and Education.


Tackle Student Debt and Achieve Financial Peace

Our Next Workshop is Coming Soon! 

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If you are struggling with student loan debt and feeling overwhelmed, you may have more options than you think. In this workshop, you will learn ways to manage student loan debt and evaluate different repayment options. The workshop will cover:

  • Loan Forgiveness Options
  • Advantages of Consolidating Government Loans to Lower Payments
  • Special Programs for Nonprofit Employees and Government Employees
  • Developing a Plan to Reduce other Types of Debt

You will be provided with the tools to develop your own customized plan to tackle your student debt and achieve financial peace.                                        

For more information, please call 844-713-4673

It's time to live more and worry less!

Tackle Student Debt Workshop Coming Soon!


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Meet Our Counselors

Maria Button

Maria studied at Polomar College and has 15 years of experience working with customers in the financial industry through Transamerica, Long Beach Bank, and The Money Store. Not only does she have experience assisting clients reaching financial success, she also has personal experience and understands the struggle of student loan debt through her children. Maria is eager to educate and help others manage their student loan debt. She is certified through the FCAA comprehensive program and has gained the necessary knowledge to counsel on student loan programs.

Eric Button

Eric has extensive experience in the university setting.  He has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina (Greensboro) Business School and Babcock Entrepreneurial Fellow/Guest Lecturer at Wake Forest University School of Business.  Eric was recognized with the University of North Carolina Young Alumni Award in 2001 for professional and community contributions and was named one of the “Top Most Influential People in Central North Carolina" in 2005.  Eric holds a BA in Biology (Phi Beta Kappa), MBA from the University of North Carolina, and M.Sc. in Genetics from the University of British Columbia.  He is certified by the FCAA student loan counseling program.

Jackie Madejczyk

Jackie is a graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Psychology. She has experienced the burden of student loan debt and the confusion that comes along with it. After realizing she wasn't alone in her confusion, she decided to team up with her family with goals to help others navigate through the current state of the student loan industry. Jackie is also certified through the FCAA. 

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Disclaimer: Hope Student Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and is NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION or any other academic or governmental entity. You can apply for loan consolidation, without paid assistance through the Department of Education (DOE). Hope Student Alliance assists you to prepare and process the applications for consolidation and repayment programs offered by the DOE. Hope Student Alliance is not a loan servicer, and does not provide debt relief services, including renegotiating, settling, or in any way altering the terms of payment or debt.

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